"Trying to Understand" Drink Coaster – Attachments & Sage

"Trying to Understand" Drink Coaster

"Trying to Understand" Drink Coaster

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"Trying to understand you is like trying to smell the color 9 "

It's baffling.

Protect your tabletops with these hilarious, absorbent, rubber drink coasters. The more you drink, the funnier they get! You can also use them to identify whose drink is whose.

Of course, you can buy a single coaster, but who likes to drink alone? The more you buy the more you save! Mix and match your own coaster combinations. Simply add them to your cart and watch the savings grow!

These 4" x 4" coasters are 1/4" thick and have a recycled non-skid backing. They are easy to clean with soap and water, and the open cell fabric on the top will not blur or run when wet.

Proudly Designed and Printed in the USA!