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Ania Haie

Ania Haie is a London-based jewelry brand. They offer a range of collections, all designed in 925 sterling silver with rhodium plating, 14 karat yellow gold plating or 14 karat rose gold plating. Each individual collection spotlights a specific fashion trend of the moment.

Every piece is designed with the intention to be stacked and layered, yet with such unique detailing they look just as good as standalone centrepieces. It's the ultimate complement to your personal style, and makes your office-to-cocktails transition all the much easier, and stylish.


Ella Stein

Ella Stein is a vertically integrated brand, manufacturing all of their jewelry in-house in Mumbai, India. They are dedicated to making beautiful jewelry using a perfect combination of art and science. From design to production, each step is closely monitored by their skilled artisans.

When an engagement ring is cut, up to 60% of the rough diamond is often thrown away. Ella Stein sorts and uses those tiny symbols of love in their jewelry, reducing environmental waste and making their jewelry completely sustainable.

Their jewelry is also crafted with certified recycled sterling silver and sustainable diamonds. Each piece comes wrapped in reusable packaging made from recycled materials.


Freida Rothman

Inspired by the legacy of four grandparents — all Holocaust survivors — Freida’s designs honor strength and resiliency through contemporary pieces that reflect her native Brooklyn. She only sees the beauty in this city as it symbolizes a second chance for her family; for Freida, the urban expanse is replete with tradition and heritage. Every design embodies its grit and glamour.

Ink + Alloy

Ink + Alloy is a women-owned accessory brand created to inspire and empower the spirit of wonder and exploration. Their colorful class sees beads and up-cycled brass are handcrafted into earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and accessories that evoke a bohemian vibe that is modern, inspiring + effortlessly cool. Ink + Alloy strive to carry this mission not only through the products they make, but through the way they practice business as a whole. Cheers to finding pieces that are bold and uniquely you.

Julie Vos

Jewelry designer Julie Vos is the woman behind her namesake brand. What started as a desire to give women the kind of jewelry they were looking for, developed into an important niche in the marketplace: creating high-end fashion jewelry designed to the standards of fine jewelry.

Since the founding in 2006, Julie Vos jewelry is modeled on the belief that we make the beautiful world we live in with inspiration and discipline, and this philosophy translates into the design of every piece. Julie Vos is designed in New York City and is partners with select manufacturers around the world. Her jewelry is hand set in 24k gold plate over nickel-free brass.

Katie Loxton

As a British-founded brand inspired by their love of meaningful sentiments, Katie Loxton believes that a little means a lot and jewelry has the power to hold the most heartfelt memories. With that in mind, Katie Loxton created A Littles & Co. to help you share a little bit of kindness, love, and happiness, one piece of jewelry at a time.

So, whether you’re sending birthday love to your Mom or positive vibes to your besties, we hope Katie Loxton can be a little part of your and your loved ones’ story. And, together, guarantee that every big milestone and ‘just because’ moment is marked with meaning and treasured for a lifetime.


Los Angeles based jewelry designer, Briana Erin, was born with an artist's mind. Growing up with her father, a master sculptor, and her mother, a graphic designer, she was surrounded by an abundance of creativity, which influenced her aesthetic from the start.

With her jewelry company, Tat2 Designs, Briana leans toward antique finishes and design elements that are distinct and personal. Coins, a signature accent that can be seen throughout the Tat2 collection, are collected from her travels around the world, and lend an air of exceptional charm to the designs.

Rather than interpreting the artist's palette in terms of color, Briana prefers to interpret in terms of gradients and finishes, and she incorporates an array of mixed metals such as Pewter, Brass, 24K Gold Plate, Gunmetal, and Sterling Silver Plate, as well as Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconia, and custom cut, semi-precious stones.

"I keep trends in mind, but I believe jewelry memorializes moments, so the style should last a lifetime, not a season."

Waxing Poetic

Waxing Poetic believes that love, as well as gravity and natural forces, is crucial to our overall existence on this planet, and that love for the earth, her people, her resources, and her ecosystems is an imperative.

WaxingPoetic jewelry is composed of sterling silver, brass, bronze, and gold-plated silver, brass, or bronze, or any combination of these metals. Other materials which appear from time to time include leather, silk or cotton cording, semi-precious stones, pearls, crystals, and resin. All Waxing Poetic pieces are made of the best formulas and materials available.