The Sea is Always Home Kristal Pendant

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Immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty of the ocean with our breathtaking Sea Circlet pendant. Crafted from brass and adorned with a sweeping wave of Kristal Crystals, it captures the essence of the sea's boundless allure. At its center shines a sterling silver star illuminated by the beacon of a single Kristal Crystals, radiating light and hope. Engraved on the reverse side are the words "The Sea Is Always Home," a poignant reminder of the deep connections we feel to the sea. This pendant is a tribute to the ever-changing nature of life and invites you to embrace inner peace, bravery, intuition, and the art of letting go. With every wave, this pendant offers fragments of treasures, like pearls in the surf, symbolizing the richness of life's experiences. Drift beyond limits, surrender to the currents, and emerge reborn in light, like Venus rising from the sea. Crafted with brass, sterling silver, and Kristal Crystals, this pendant measures .93 inches and is a stunning homage to the timeless beauty and transformative power of the ocean.

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