White Sage Sinuata Smudge Bundle

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Discover the serenity of our Organic Southern California White Sage Smudge Sticks, meticulously hand-tied with cotton string and adorned with delicate white sinuata flowers. Each smudge bundle includes a sinuata white sage smudge stick, a palo santo stick, a selenite stick, and a charming sun charm, all elegantly bundled with a cotton twill ribbon. Perfect as a thoughtful gift or a beautiful addition to your home decor, these bundles offer both aesthetic appeal and practical use. Simply untie the ribbon to separate the pieces for individual use—burn the white sage and palo santo for cleansing, and cherish the selenite and sun charm forever. Measuring 4 inches, our smudge sticks are ideal for a single cleansing session, ensuring a fresh, purified space. Grown organically on a sustainable farm in Southern California, our salvia apiana is cultivated with care for both the earth and your well-being.

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